That Unpredictable Move You Wouldn't Hate

Since our offseason has begun earlier than we like I'm sure many of you are, like me, staving off your Angels withdrawal by thinking about the offseason. Our conventional, obvious gameplan for the offseason has been laid out by a handful of writers and fans: Zack Greinke, Bullpen, Torii Hunter, Rotation etc. If everything goes along these lines, I think it's safe to say we'd all be satisfied checking those boxes off and heading into 2013 with the core of a team that we know was capable of so much more in 2012.

My question is: what would be some of the moves you've all thought about Dipoto making that would otherwise be considered crazy right now? We made THE unpredictable, crazy move of the year in signing Albert Pujols and I don't remember many writers spending much ink seriously discussing the possibility or including it in their Angels offseason roadmap so why not this year too?

I'm not going to get into trade packages or $$ since the premise of this post is basically to consider the unrealistic or unlikely. That said, here are mine:

*Sign Grady Sizemore: Why not? He should come cheap since he is all but a giant, sometimes-walking red flag at this point but as Eric Chavez has proven in New York, sometimes you can get lucky and a part time role might allow him to stay fresh and provide productive ABs for a contender. The other perk? Depth and flexibility in the event of a Trumbo/Bourjos trade and a skill set that satisfies our GM (and myself).

The other, OTHER perk? Vernon Wells would have to be gone for this to happen.

*Look to Japan for the bullpen: This is probably presumptuous to say without knowing specific players but for a roll of the dice in relief, why not look to someone that hitters have never seen?

*John Lackey at a heavy, heavy discount. Boston by all accounts will be looking to get rid of him in their effort to rebuild their clubhouse and eating his contract is now much easier to do with so much money sent to the Dodgers. I for one am not sold on Garrett Richards in any role on the big league team and figure Lackey might be worth a look back in his comfort zone where the media is a non-factor. The guy is a dick but if he can come cheap, a 5th starter with some possible upside could make it easier to stomach.

What weird move have YOU thought about?

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