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Torii the Tiger - Hunter Signs With Detroit

The details aren't complete yet, but it appears Torii Hunter has signed a 2-year, $26M deal with the Detroit Tigers

Doug Pensinger

After playing in Southern California for 5-years, Torii Hunter wanted to return to the Los Angeles Angels and finish his career with a halo. Heck, he even said he'd take less money to return, but his idea of less money was something entirely different than what the Angel organization had in mind.

Hunter spent Tuesday in Detroit and apparently liked what he saw, as he's rumored to have signed a two-year, $26 million contract Wednesday morning. Ken Rosenthal tweeted the story, but pending a physical, nothing is final. The Tigers figure to bat Hunter second after he finished 2012 with an overall .313 average, but hit a .343 clip out of the 2-hole.

The $26M contract Hunter is receiving from Detroit far exceeds the offer the popular right fielder received from Los Angeles. Hunter recently mentioned he was offended by the Angels' one-year, $5M offer he received last September.