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Angels in the Arizona Fall League Wrap Up

The Arizona Fall League wrapped up with nary a contribution from the seven Angels players involved

Dilip Vishwanat

The 2012 Arizona Fall League has ended. The Angels sent seven players to compete with the Scottsdale Scorpions. None of them really stood out too much and some of them even stunk. Here is wrap-up...


Bobby Cassevah - This one time Angels reliever had a 3.13 ERA in 23 Innings Pitched. He started six games, allowed 22 hits, struck out 18 and walked 8. He surrendered 20 hits and had a 1.3 WHIP. A healthy Cassevah could b a small piece of 2013's mediocre bullpen.

Kevin Johnson - He pitched 12 innings, had a 3.75 ERA, struck out 7 and only waled 1 batter. He allowed 15 hits. Any time a guy allows more hits than IP it is time to lower your expectations.

Ryan Chafee - He sucked early and they stopped playing him pretty much. 5.2 IP and an 11.37 ERA.

Buddy Boshers - Stink Bomb Part Two. 10.22 ERA, 7 Hits in 2.2 IP.


Travis Witherspoon - in 73 AB this Angels outfielder had 16 hits, three of them homeruns. He batted .219 and struck out 28 times managing a .698 OPS, He also stole six bases.

Kaleb Cowart - The Angels alleged 3B of the future batted .200 in 60 AB. Let' all just pretend he was "working on stuff" and therefore is not to be judged by the girl scout performance.

Randall Grichuk - The legendary man drafted before Mike Trout batted .228 with 2 HR and 5 RBI in 47 AB.

Carlos Ramirez - He batted an even .250 (six for 24) catching and it was almost invisible.