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On This Date in Halos Heaven History...

Signing a relief pitcher... Just Inspired?

Alan Crowhurst

At Halos Heaven on this date in ...

2006 - I drank the Kool Aid and cheered the Justin Speier signing. LINK TO STORY.

2007 - The bungling of Warner Madrigal's paperwork caused him to be released - where there is smoke there is fire and we should have known then and there that Tony Reagins was going to be a terrible General Manager. LINK TO STORY. Where there is smoke there is fire.

2008 - Brandon Wood got cut from his Dominican Winter Ball League team. LINK TO STORY. Where there is smoke there is fire.

2009 - The legendary Curtis Granderson Cartoon. LINK TO COMIC. Where there is WiHalofan there is humor.

2010 - The legendary sendup of INCEPTION. LINK TO COMIC. Wihalo-Syle!

2011 - Four Minor Leaguers were added to the 40-Man roster. LINK TO STORY. Amazingly, all four are gone: one was released, three were sent to Milwaukee for Zack Greinke... will he be gone too? Where there is smoke...