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Would Angels Improve with Kyuji Fujikawa Over Zack Greinke?

Could a major bullpen upgrade mitigate the loss of an All-Star caliber starter?

Stephen Dunn

Japan relief stud Kyuji Fujilkawa has narrowed his list of suitors to five teams, one of whom is the Angels. He has recorded an ERA over 1.63 in only one of the past six seasons. He has only allowed 18 homeruns since 2007.

Think about it, Angels relievers allowed 18 homeruns before June. Greinke has surrendered 37 Homeruns in the past two seasons (384 IP) so that is basically double and in much lower leverage situations (albeit in a tougher league).

If you had a choice between Fujikawa and Zack Greinke, considering that Greinke is likely looking at $150 million and Fujikawa could see $27 Million over three seasons, if you had to pick the Angels only landing one of these, which would you choose?

Consider the 42 blown saves over the prior two seasons. Consider Greinke wanting a six year contract. Consider alos that Japanese pitchers who perform at the top levels over there perform well here too. Can anyone solve Jerry's dilemma? What if the Rangers sign one of these pitchers, are forced to up the ante for the remaining arm?