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Dan Haren A Free Agent on Chaotic Night

Angels decline Dan Haren's Option after last minute trade to Cubs for Carlos Marmol fall through

Christian Petersen

Picher Dan Haren is a free agent after the Angels declined his option for 2013. The club spent $3.5 Million for the pleasure of saving $12 Million more on the right-handed former ace.

Haren is immediately a free agent and perhaps second behind only teammate Zack Greinke in this offseason's class of available pitchers.

On a chaotic night that saw rumors of a trade to the Cubs for reliever Carlos Marmol described as a "done deal" by semi-reputable sports media outlets like the LA Times, the action ended not with a big move but a whimper.

Jerry Dipoto traded Haren to the Angels in July of 2010 when he was the interim General Manager of the Arizona Diamonbacks but he would not be the man to trade Dirty Dan twice, opting simply to save the large chunk of change that would have covered Haren's presence in the rotation.

Haren had his worst-ever pro season in 2012, going onto the disabled list for the first time in his career and putting up a 4.33 ERA in 30 starts. Haren turned 32 in September.

The Angels are expected to make a run for Greinke with the money they save, and might even chase Torii Hunter with this new cash reserve. Hunter was not offered a qualifying offer today and became a free agent for the second time in his career.