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Happy Birthday Cupie

One of Halos Heaven's own ages gracefully...


Today is Cupie's birthday. Happy Birthday Cupie.

His real name is Eric. He also goes by the radio-call-in monicker of Darby From Yorba Linda.

He prints teeshirts in his garage and records rock and roll as a day job.

Your version of living the dream is his 9 to 5.

He has helped out with this site since the earliest days, always clear on what to do and what not to do.

We don't always agree, but he is usually right, except about Gary DiSarcina being good.

Cupie coined the term Mice Tits for Maicer Izturis and Del Ninja for when we once liked Tony Reagins.

And PANTHER. That was all Cupie. Classic Cupie.

And the chicks still dig him. I told the very discerning Missus Halofan he was turning 43 today and she said, spontaneously, "MMMmmm well he looks maybe 33..." so what else do you want?

Rock on, Eric.