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Is The Angels Bullpen Ready for Battle?

The Angels need a bullpen in 2013 after using another compound, two-syllable word that begins with bull in relief last year.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

On the verge of signing rehabbing closer Ryan Madson (and it should be noted that he is the first free agent managed by Scott Boras that the Angels have signed since the bad blood at the 2008 winter meetings over Mark Teixeira), the Angels have a semblance of a bullpen forming.


Check it out:

Madson closing
Ernesto Frieri and Scott Downs for late in the game
Kevin Jepsen, Jordan Walden, Nick Maronde and Bobby Cassevah are depth-chart ready as each rises to the occasion.

On the bubble sits Ryan Brasier and Steve Geltz, newly-acquired Brandon Sisk (wouldn't it be awesome for Ervn Santana to be the gift that keeps on giving?) and even perpetually rehabbing Michael Kohn. If the Angels want to try and stretch out Maronde to start, Andrew Taylor got a cup of coffee in '12, maybe it is time for the whole espresso in '13.

Last year the Rangers signed Joe Nathan, rehabbing from an injury. I laughed. In hindsight if the Angels had signed Joe Nathan and he had turned in the same results with us as he did with them we would have won the American League West by seven games. Laugh no more. This is serious sheeyit.

Is this above bullpen ready for battle?

My heart says:
Spend money on starting pitching and assume this approximates a band-aid. If we find a few innings-eaters this above crew will not be too taxed and could shine.

My head says:
We are doomed.

But it always says that. What does your heart and head have to say?