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Angels P.A. Voice David Courtney Has Died

Somewhere in heaven, Babe Ruth will be introduced to the crowds by a voice worthy of the honor...

Stephen Dunn

The Angels released a statement about the passing of longtime stadium Public Address Announcer David Courtney...

"The Angels family is deeply saddened to hear of David’s passing. He was a gentle soul, a consummate professional and an unforgettable voice tied to several professional Southern California sports teams. Over the past 18 years, his love, dedication and passion for the Angels was evident every time his voice rang through the ballpark. Our thoughts and prayers go out to David’s family at this difficult time."

David Courtney was the stadium voice of the Angels, Kings and Clippers. During his occasional absences at Angel Stadium for those rare playoff home games of those Staples Center Subordinates, it was all too apparent on how big his shoes might one day be to fill.

That day has sadly arrived.

Erick Kay in the angels media office sent a link to David's bio on the Clippers Website. David was known to be friendly and interactive with sports fans on his FaceBook page and by all accounts was a wonderful guy who went to great lengths to thank those who had helped him in his broadcast career.