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Wednesday Halolinks: Torii Hunter May Be Boston Bound, But Bourjos Ready To Blossom

If Torii Hunter leaves the club, Peter Bourjos should get his playing time, creating one of the youngest and most talented outfields in baseball.

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Did your candidate win? Who's moving to Colorado so they can legally smoke pot? This is for you nacho cheese Dorrito stuffed, pot-smoking democrats, who have hopefully recovered enough to read these Halolinks:

  • This could be a "new era" of Angels' baseball. Letting 37-year-old Hunter walk and replacing him with 25-year-old Bourjos would result in one of the youngest (and fastest) outfields in baseball: Peter Bourjos looks like a centerpiece in Angels' 2013 plans - "Dipoto loves Bourjos' skill set and is confident Bourjos can regain his 2011 form, when he hit .271 with 12 homers, 11 triples, 26 doubles, 72 runs and, according to FanGraphs, saved 21 runs on defense, second-most in the major leagues." On opening day 2013, the Angels line-up could feature a team with just one player in their thirties:

    1B) Albert Pujols - 33
    2B) Howard Kendrick - 29
    3B) Alberto Callaspo - 29
    SS) Erick Aybar - 29
    LF) Mike Trout - 21
    CF) Peter Bourjos - 26
    RF) Mark Trumbo - 27
    C) Chris Iannetta - 29
    DH) Kendrys Morales - 29
  • Wouldn't it be nice to be in a position in your life where you could say, "I'm going to go to work at ABC, Inc. because my best friend works there. I don't care how much they pay me, I want to hang out with my buddy." So, why wouldn't Torii Hunter do that? Spend the summer traveling with a good friend, doing the farewell tour thing...Source: Red Sox interested in Torii Hunter. "I'm open to anybody, especially if David is there," Hunter told in late August. "David is one of my guys. We were roommates in Minnesota and he's one of my brothers. He's one of my best friends in baseball. That makes it more impressive." Monday night, after a press conference announcing his new two-year, $26 million deal with the Red Sox, Ortiz said he had already been in touch with Hunter regarding the possibility of coming to the Red Sox." That could make this Jeff Miller post somewhat moot: Letting Hunter go is the right thing to do – if ... - The Orange County Register. "He would be missed, way more than a 37-year-old outfielder should be. Hunter was brilliant the second half of last season. Without him, the Angels never would have lasted as long as they did. And in the clubhouse? Let's just say a team already woefully short on personality would become as engaging as a pile of dirty laundry. Without Hunter, the Angels are a group missing its voice and its smile." I agree, Hunter was the guy we always heard from, and he usually had something entertaining to say, but is his smile worth a roster spot? At the expense of Peter Bourjos?
  • Someone please visit these meetings and get me a photograph of Jerry Dipoto wearing a sombrero: 10 Degrees: GM meetings open door for plenty of gamesmanship, ludicrous contracts - Yahoo! Sports. "Starting Wednesday, baseball's 30 general managers and plenty of their confederates will gather in Indian Wells, Calif., for three days of the above (I'm guessing drinking, strip-clubs, and marathon Dungeons & Dragons games), along with procedural meetings of more substance and consequence than usual."
  • Yes please: Kyuji Fujikawa rumors: Rangers, Angels, Dodgers, Diamondbacks - MLB Daily Dish. "Over his six seasons with Hanshin, Fujikawa has posted an ERA and WHIP of 1.36 and 0.855 with a whopping 12.4 SO/9 and 2.3 BB/9. He’s averaged more than 33 saves per season."
  • The Most Backward Starters in MLB | FanGraphs Baseball
    Does a pitcher throw fastballs in "fastball counts", or do they throw off-speed pitches? Pitchers that throw counter to expectations are often said to "pitch backwards".
  • You're going to click this link...Marlins replace Ozzie with batting-cage nudist - USA Today regardless of how dumb I say it is. You're going to think about it all day unless you click it. You'll be telling yourself, "What the hell is a 'batting-cage nudist'? I wonder if she's hot?" And then when you do finally succumb to the urge, you're going to think, "Screw you, Wi. That was stupid." So, just get it out of the way right yourself the torment.