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Blue Jays Sign Maicer Izturis

The Mice Man gets three years, $9 Million from Toronto

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Angels infielder Maicer Izturis has signed a free agent contract with the Toronto Blue Jays. After eight seasons in Anaheim, Izturis will be in Toronto for the next three. Toronto has a club option for a fourth year.

Thus closes the Jose Guillen signing. Guillen was traded to the Montreal Expos the day that they changed their name to the Washinotn Nationals in exchange for Maicer Izturis and Juan Rivera. Oh wait a minute, the deal lives like a zombie as Rivera was traded (coincidentally to the Jays) as part of the package that brought Vernon Wells to Anaheim.

Oh well, Izturis may wind up being remembered as the second greatest utility infielder in club history behind only Chone Figgins. The Angels have Andrew Romine on the AAA bubble to take the ABs that Mighty Maicer, the Mice Man Cometh Izturis would have had.

With a thin free agent class in middle infielders, Marco Scutaro being the most prominent, the Blue Jays took and early stab and came up with Mice Tits in their nest. Nice catch.