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12-12-12: Angels Number Twelves

More than twelve Angels have worn jersey number twelve

Darryl Norenberg-US PRESSWIRE

More than twelve Angels have worn jersey #12 over 52 seasons of Angels baseball.

Mark Langston's mega contract and many accomplishments (and chokes) were in jersey #12.

Don Baylor's first season here, but not his MVP year, was in #12.

Carney Lansford's two most productive seasons were in #12.

The batting average heavy Juan Beniquez campaigns were wearing #12.

Alberto Callapos arrived here in 2010 to wear jersey #12, the same number that the man he was traded away from the Angels for, Jason Bulger, wore when he got here.

The late Gus Polidor and the what might have been skipper Doug Rader wore "The Dozen".

It is 12-12-12 and here is the complete list...

Angels Uniform #12

1961: Ken Hamlin and Billy Moran
1962 - 64: Billy Moran
1965: Costen Shockley and Jackie Hernandez
1966: Jackie Hernandez
1967: Arelio Rodriguez
1968: Bobby Trevino
1969: Ruben Amaro
1971: Ken Berry
1972 - 75: Winston Llenas
1976: Ed Herrmann and Tommy Davis
1977: Don Baylor
1978, 79: Carney Lansford
1981 - 85: Juan Beniquez
1986: Gus Polidor
1987, 88: Jim Eppard
1989: Manager Doug Rader
1990 - 97: Mark Langston
1998: Carlos Garcia and Gregg Jeffries
1999: Tim Unroe
2005: Steve Finley
2006: Jason Bulger
2007: Shea Hillenbrand
2009: Freddy Sandoval
2010: Alberto Callaspo