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Weekend HaloLinks: Favorite Thing Edition

Weekend HaloLinks :: The Panther owns Christmas. Again. These deals are but a few of our Favorite Things...

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It's Christmas Season in Panther Town!
It's Christmas Season in Panther Town!
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports


Well, we all read all those Jerry Dipoto quotes informing the baseball world to chill, claiming the LA Angels were satisfied with their particular holiday shopping spree ("Our goal was to create 1 through 12 pitching depth, I don't feel like anything else is imminent and anything else is required."). Yeah, well, it was not the bringing home of two sets of new keys from the local Veyron dealership like we did last year. But a half a dozen used KIAs are nothing to sneeze at, right? And then the LAA Front Office had been very busy the past week doing precisely what the LAA Front Office does best when fielding questions from the media: generate flurries of Dissembling Platitudes.

All of us fans were left squirming in the aisles, rolling around on the ground in agony over the apparent lack of progress, regression even, from the miserable place we ended up in October. How can they not see the backward drift? How can they foist Joe Blanton as "quality" or "depth" off on anybody? We lost arms, prospects, a bat and everybody remaining is another year older which bodes ill for anybody not named Mike Trout, Peter Bourjos, Garrett Richards or Hank Conger. How can the Angels possibly be done???

Some year, some day, we Angel fans will learn to ignore Dissembling Platitudes. Because these dudes and dudettes are still busy. It's still Holiday Shopping Season. Case in point: Josh Hamilton, less than 48 hours after Dissembling Platitudes. Oh, look! A Chrysler 300, with Hemi!!

(Proper recognition: stevefinleyallstars broke the news that the Angels were closing in on some deal with Josh Hamilton. It was 9:35 am and the whole day went upside down.)

I, for one, am getting up off the ground until March. I promise. No aisle squirming from me until then. I am going to focus my deep angst on such weighty matters as why magnets don't stick to stainless steel refrigerators. Things like that. Who's with me?



This Date In Baseball History: 1960 - The first expansion teams in 50 years, the Washington Senators and the Los Angeles Angels, conduct their initial player draft, with the Halos selecting Ed Grba...........1985 - Roger Maris dies of lymphatic cancer at the age of 51..........2004 - The District Of Columbia decides that any construction of a new ballpark for the incoming Expos will require at least 50% private funding, breaking an existing agreement with MLB for greater taxpayer monies to subsidize the stadium..........2005 - The Treasury Department steps in and shuts down any notion of Cuba playing on American soil for the World Baseball Classic, as the Bush administration worries about revenue going back to the Castro government..........2007 - The Arizona Diamondbacks acquire Dan Haren and Conner Robertson from the Oakland A's..........2007 - The St. Louis Cardinals send Jim Edmonds and $1,000,000 to the San Diego Padres..........2007 - The Toronto Blue Jays sign free agent David Eckstein to a one-year, $4.5 million deal in order to nab some of that magic grit..........2007 - The Kansas City Royals trade Billy Buckner to the Diamondbacks in exchange for Alberto Callaspo.


After a strike in 1972 that began during spring training, Miller wrote to Buzzie Bavasi, the San Diego Padres’ president, scorning him for telling players that Miller had been paid during the strike and for failing to honor a $100 bet on the claim with catcher Bob Barton. "Although I know that you have spent a tremendous amount of your time and that of other people to try to improperly save trifling amounts such as 75 cents a day in spring training rooming allowances," Miller wrote, "still I cannot believe you would deliberately tell untruths to the players in order to avoid paying a $100 bet which you lost."

  • Christmas Baseball: Every now and then, on some random Thursday evening, I jump to Google and just do weird word associations looking for unusual things in the world of baseball to share with you all. And if I work hard enough, Google never fails. Here we are in the middle of the Holiday Season, so I throw out as my first attempt of "gingerbread baseball". I get a hit. "Rudolph third base"? Hit again (favorite part: Team Leader Skills - None at all). "Tobacco chew mistletoe"? Hit. "Eckstein elf"? Hit (Ok, that one was too easy.) "Dodgers whoville"? Hit. Hell, I am on a roll now! "Yankees reindeer flatulence"? Hit. "Red Sox Grinch butt pimples"? Hit. "Rangers Frosty Diarrhea"? You bet, hit even here! If this weren't a family site, you would be exposed to how far things kept on going...

Great Moments In Baseball Umpiring, Part I:


(A roundup of current LA Angels-related rumors and transactions...)


    (Quick hits of interesting stuff that sit out on the fringe of our baseball emporium...)

    More joy: the Big Splash news coming out of the MFY camp are that The Ancient Ichiro has leveraged the Phillies to grab $14 million more from the Yankees before the clock strikes midnight on what is left of his legs.....Mariano Rivera should be ready to take his seat for his retirement lap, and Brian Cashman found Kevin Youkilis hiding under the couch cushions. That's all there is for Yankee fans. Life is just too delicious these days...........More evidence that the BBWAA is full of people who simply have zero idea as to what they are doing..........Stocking Stuffers: what MLB players tweeted about the Hamilton deal..........Bobby Wilson launches his counter-attack, from the minor leagues.


    And now, being the full service weekend linkage institution that we are, here is the obligatory moment we take out of each Friday for beer:

    Friday: Up in Oakland you locals will find the Kerstfest 2012/5th Anniversary Party beer Festival at The Trappist..........Saturday: we start with the Far Bar Winter Beerfest, Starring "Bad Santa" Steve at The Far Bar in LA..........Churchill's Pub & Grille San Marcos is putting on the Fifty Fifty Brewing Company Eclipse Release and Bottle Signing with Todd Ashman (local brewmaster pioneer)..............and Final Gravity in Roseville hosts Stouterday beer & food event..........Sunday: Fifty Fifty moves to Seal Beach for Brunch At Beachwood, to be held at the Beachwood BBQ..........and The Bruery in Whittier is conducting their 3rd Annual Christmas Brunch at The Bottle Room.

    Ok, so nobody wants that Beer Kooler Kart that I put up for Christmas Shopping lists last Friday. So why not a TinChilla, which can cool your can of brew in 60 seconds flat??

    Stay safe, everyone!