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ESPN: Ballpark move may not hinder Hamilton HR

Although Angel Stadium is known to be a pitcher's park, Josh Hamilton's home run output shouldn't be bothered.

Ronald Martinez

I just got a head's up from someone at ESPN about a recent post. I don't usually succumb to this whoring, but the article is pretty interesting: Ballpark move may not hinder Hamilton HR - ESPN

A look at all of Hamilton’s homers showed that only one of them would not have gone out of Angel Stadium. As a left-handed hitter, Hamilton naturally hits most of his home runs to right and right center field, but he has great power to center field as well. Hamilton hit 12 home runs to center last season, tied with Ryan Braun for the most in the majors. Angel Stadium plays well for home runs to center. There were 31 at the ballpark last season to center field last season, second-most in the American League.

This is good news to those of us who were worried Hamilton was a product of Arlington's hitter friendly configuration.