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Angels Now Favorites to Win World Series

One gambling odds site has the Halos leading the pack

David Becker

Courtesy of Bovada, (, Twitter: @BovadaLV).

Los Angeles Angels World Series Odds pre-Josh Hamilton


Los Angeles Angels World Series Odds post-Josh Hamilton

15-2 (7.5-1)

"There was no doubt that wherever Hamilton went that team would in turn see a significant move in their World Series odds, but not too many would have jumped to the favorites which has in fact happened to the Angels who have dropped from 12-1 to 15-2 putting them just ahead of the Dodgers who sit at 8-1. This is two years in a row that the Angels have made a huge signing which has drastically affected their odds and I am just glad I do not have to sit in anticipation constantly monitoring these odds awaiting where Hamilton was going to end up."

-Kevin Bradley, Sportsbook Manager,

MLB SPECIALS - Will the Angels and Dodgers meet in the 2013 World Series?

Yes 18/1

MLB SPECIALS - Los Angeles Angels 2013 Regular Season Win Total

Over/Under 93½

MLB SPECIALS - Josh Hamilton - Batting Average in the 2013 Regular Season

Over/Under .295

MLB SPECIALS - Josh Hamilton - Total Home Runs in the 2013 Regular Season

Over/Under 33½

MLB SPECIALS - Josh Hamilton - Total RBI's in the 2013 Regular Season

Over 110½

MLB SPECIALS - Josh Hamilton - Will he be suspended by the Angels or the MLB for substance abuse at any point before the 2013 Angels Season is over?

Yes 5/1

Odds to win the 2013 World Series

Los Angeles Angels 15/2

Detroit Tigers 17/2

Washington Nationals 17/2

Los Angeles Dodgers 17/2

Toronto Blue Jays 10/1

Cincinnati Reds 12/1

New York Yankees 12/1

San Francisco Giants 14/1

Philadelphia Phillies 16/1

Atlanta Braves 16/1

Texas Rangers 18/1

Boston Red Sox 20/1

St. Louis Cardinals 22/1

Tampa Bay Rays 25/1

Oakland Athletics 25/1

Milwaukee Brewers 28/1

Chicago White Sox 35/1

Baltimore Orioles 35/1

Kansas City Royals 40/1

Arizona Diamondbacks 45/1

Pittsburgh Pirates 50/1

New York Mets 66/1

Seattle Mariners 66/1

Cleveland Indians 66/1

Minnesota Twins 75/1

San Diego Padres 75/1

Chicago Cubs 75/1

Colorado Rockies 100/1

Miami Marlins 100/1

Houston Astros 200/1