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You Know You Want Edwin Jackson Pitching for The Angels

Admit it.

Harry How

I am sick of all this "Trade one of Peter Bourjos, Mark Trumbo or Kendrys Morales" talk. Sure, the Angels need to acquire another starting pitcher. If Joe Blanton is your #3 starter you are a #3 team in the division.

But this is an offense that needs depth and insurance. Not trading anyone (except Vernon Wells if you believe in miracles) ensures that the Angels offensive bench is the deepest in baseball.


Last season, down the stretch, Albert Pujols was playing DH only. He is old and got gimpy. Josh Hamilton takes a day off just to change his contact lenses. So not only is the DH spot more like going to be a rotating infirmary in 2013 for the Angels, resting senior citizen superstars will present many possibilities for the likes of Peabo, K-Mo and Trumbomb to get into games.

And so the free agent waters must be dredged for available pitching. Kyle Lohse wants Anibal Sanchez money. Jeff Karstens and Shawn Marcum seem exciting to anyone who has never had either on their fantasy team, and so consider one Edwin Jackson. His K/9 is almost 8 and his BB/9 is less than 3, so his ERA of 4.03 doesn't seem as Blantonesque now does it? Best of all, at age 29, he is younger than all of the free agent pitchers above

What would it take to sign him? Four years, $13 million per year will do it. Arte would be overpaying for a Rock of Gibraltar #3 starter. Think about it. Bourjos will be a late-inning replacement and get twice as many ABs as last season minimum, Morales and Trumbo would keep Josh and Albert fresh and the opponents would not score seven runs each game.

Is this doable? Hell yeah it is doable. Now do it, Arte.