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Missus Halofan Response to Kendry Morales Trade

Jerry DiPoto is not exactly getting invited to our house for Christmas Dinner after this one...

Jerry D's #1 Critic on the Left.
Jerry D's #1 Critic on the Left.

Rev Halofan: Did you hear the big Angels news?

Missus Halofan: Besides Josh Hamilton?

RevHF: That is old news, they made a big trade today.

MsHF: ...Bourjos?

Rev: No.

Ms: Oh that's good. Who?

Rev: We got Jason Vargas from the Mariners.

Ms: Who's that?

Rev: He's like their number two starter.

Ms: Is he crappy?

Rev: He's okay, he'll be our number three.

Ms: If we didn't get Felix Hernandez we didn't get a good pitcher form the Mariners, they don't have any good pitchers besides Felix.

Rev: Their pitching is better than their hitting that is why they had a pitcher to spare. Guess who we gave up?

Ms: Umm... someone worse than Bourjos... someone... um... Callaspo?

Rev: Kendry Morales

Ms: WHAT?!?!?

Long Pause

Rev: Yeah

Ms: Kendry? Ahhhh... What the fuck is wrong with these idiots? Is Tony Reagins back on the job?

Rev: Well we need pitching...

Ms: Seattle doesn't have good pitching besides Felix. I can see Kendry for Felix but if we're not getting Felix we should make them take Vernon Wells. This is so stupid. Kendry? Oh god they really think Josh Hamilton isn't gonna get injured isn't gonna go into a slump, oh god what happens when Trumbo and Hamilton go into slumps at the same time?

Rev: Well let's hope that doesn't happen...

Ms: Liked we hoped Vernon Wells would be good. I swear Tony Reagins probably was never running the team and whoever was running it and fucked it up is still running it. This is stupid. Kendry?

Rev: It just shows you how weak the pitching is.

Ms: So the answer is to get weak pitching form Seattle, that's stupid, They wait for Kendry to heal up and then they trade him, and I can see trading him for Felix, okay, I would be sad, I would hate to see him go but I understand we need pitching, but we need good pitching, no other Seattle pitcher is any good, Kendry is good, you don't trade good players for shitty players just because, you trade a good player to get better not just because someone wants to trade you a pitcher.

Rev: We got too many bats and not enough spots in the lineup.

Ms: We still have Vernon Wells taking up room, why the hell do we still have him on the team?

Rev: The season hasn't started yet, you never know...

Ms: We should be trading Vernon Wells for someone's lousy pitcher not Kendry. If Josh Hamilton sucks that pitcher isn't going to help us. He couldn't help Seattle and he can't help us.