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94 Days Until Opening Day

Counting Down to Opening Day, We Are Counting Down The 100 Walkoff Homers in Angels History. The 94th Walkoff homerun in club history was the most tragic of all.

Harry How

Opening Day (April 1, 2013) is 94 days away. We are counting down the 100 Walk Off Home Runs in Angels franchise history. Today we look at #94... certainly the most tragic walk off grand slam of all time...

May 29, 2010 - The Mariners and Angels played a nationally televised day game at Angel Stadium. Jered Weaver an Felix Hernandez each allowed an earned run and the bulppens had taken over the 1-1 tie with Brandon League pitching in the ninth and tenth for the M's.

Bobby Abreu had homered in the eighth so he was intentionally walked after a one-out Maicer Izturis double. Reggie Willits got on base via an E-4 and Kendrys Morales crushed the first pitch he saw for a walk off grand slam.

And then he broke his ankle jumping onto home plate in celebration.

Bummer hardly describes the empty feeling, the hollow victory, the season road cruiser popping a tire in the middle of the desert. Morales had garnered MVP votes in 2009 and much was riding on him for postseason hopes. All of it was shattered where his leg-bone connected to the ankle-bone.

Sometimes a win is not just a win, it is a loss, and this was one of those times. Sick and sinking as it was, the 8th walk off grand slam for the Angels was the 94th walkoff in team history.