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92 Days Until Opening Day

Counting Down to Opening Day, We Are Counting Down The 100 Walkoff Homers in Angels History. The 92nd Walk Off was a Grand Slam that welcomed Angels Fans to Toriitown!

Jacob de Golish

Opening Day (April 1, 2013) is 92 days away. We are counting down the 100 Walk Off Home Runs in Angels franchise history. Today we look at #92...

April 7, 2008 - All Frankie Rodriguez had to do was save a 2-1 Angels lead in the ninth inning. You think he could do that, right? Nope. He walked Travis Hafner to lead off the inning and Asdrubal Cabrera doubled home the tying run. Two pitches later, Jhonny Peralta doubles home As-Cab and the Angels are losing. A walk to Ryan Garko ends Frankie's night.

Scot Shields makes things a little worse though, allowing one of those inherited runners to score beofre getitng out of his own bases loaded jam.

Down 4-2, Chone Figgins fouls out to lead off the bottom of the ninth. But Gary Matthews walks, Vladimir Guerrero singles and Garret Anderson gets a rare, rare walk.

Eric Wedge sticks with closer Joe Borowski and the likelihood of Torii Hunter grounding into a game-ending double play looms... but Torii clobbers a 1-0 pitch into the LF seats for the seventh walk off grand slam in club history and only the sixth walkoff homerun hit with the team down by two runs.

In his eighth game as an Angel, Torii Hunter endeared himself to the fans and the club, who memorialized his epic blast with a giveaway teeshirt two weeks later - the image of the teammates waiting to greet him emblazoned with the slogan "Big Game Hunter" and he would prove to be just that over his five years wearing a halo.

It was the 92nd Walk Off Home Run in Angels history, it was a Grand Slam and it was off the bat of Hula Dula, the Domino Rulah Torii Hunter.