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Alberto Callaspo Angels Walkup Music (in a perfect world)

Don't Talk To His Bat, Either
Don't Talk To His Bat, Either

Our series asking what the Walkup Music for our favorite Angel players continues... What should Alberto Callaspo's Walkup music be? Well, maybe it is time for AC (new, user-friendly, self-explanatory nickname alert) to get a little confrontational while simultaneously being aggressively standoffish to all who would want to discuss his role on the team. Note: unpleasant lyrics ahead.

Nothing like a little GG Allin to make sure everyone understands that a thin line is being walked. Here is the master mauler with Don't Talk To Me...

The Angels traded Callaspo for Jason Bulger back in the day. Then they traded to reacquire him after the golden child Brandon Wood lived up to ten percent of his billing. Will Smith and Sean O'Sullivan have done nothing for the Royals while Callaspo dug the 3B slot out of the negative WAR grave that B-Wood dug for it in Anaheim.

For thanks, Callaspo gets the team handing his position to a guy who has not played it since little league. GG Allin's slogan "Most hated in the nation" may not quite apply in this situation, but AC has every right to assert the end of pleasantries in the absence of a proven heir to his hot corner throne.