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Angels Fantasy Sleepers

The Angels have Albert Pujols and I never get tired of writing that. There's your first round pick. Take Jered Weaver in the 2nd round, Dan Haren in the 3rd and CJ Wilson in the 5th or 6th. I'd love to hear your argument against that fantasy draft.

So who are the Los Angeles Sleepers of Anaheim? Can you grab someone in the late rounds representing your favorite team? Who will be around that won't waste a roster spot who can produce?


Sometimes you take a player and everyone in the league laughs at you for picking him that early in the draft. He who laughs last laughs loudest. Expect the snickers to arrive over a 7th round pick of Howie Kendrick, but this is one time that the law of supply and demand will work in your favor. There are just no a lot of great 2B options out there so why not root for your fantasy team with every Howie AB you see this year? Robinson Cano is a solid early pick but no self-respecting Angels fan can have Ian Kinsler on their team. Why not be bold and count on Howie seeing a lot of fastballs hitting right before The Albert. Draft with pride and savor the last laugh.

SLEEPER IN THE 14TH: Scott Downs

If your league has holds, look for Scott Shut-Downs to contribute to your weekly point totals. If your league only privileges Saves for relievers, Downs could still wind up closing games in Anaheim if the Jordan Walden train comes off the rails, so take him in the 21st round over some other high-risk shaky closer.


Sometimes you just gotta draft a guy who will not see action in all likelihood, but if the dominoes come crashing down suddenly one player is there to deliver many a fantasy victory. Folks in your league will overdraft Mark Trumbo and Kendrys Morales and someone will get bold with an early round pick of Mike trout. But Garrett Richards is the guy that fate may deliver the most fantasy points from. Or he may never leave the Salt Lake Bees rotation. As an Angels fan, you might keep your fingers crossed that he is not needed up here but as a fantasy manager you can keep your fingers crossed that he dazzles in a callup subbing for someone's sore something.

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