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Bobby Abreu Angels Walkup Music (in a perfect world)

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...yes indeed...
...yes indeed...

Our series asking what the Walkup Music for our favorite Angel players continues...

This one is a no-brainer. In three seasons with the club and 1,919 Plate Appearances, Bobby Abreu has recorded 259 walks. that is 20th all-time in club history. The only other player in the top 25 with less than six seasons as an Angel is Reggie Jackson with 362 walks in his 5 seasons as an Angel.

A classic like Bobby Abreu deserves a classic walk up tune and nothing fits more perfectly than the Fats Domino ode to a breakup - and a parting of philosophies with Mickey Hatcher is what had to have happened early on with Bobby as he has set the bat down like few Angels players of the Scioscia era or any Halo era. Despite the hacking Hatcher, Bobby's walkin'... yes indeed.

There are lots of popular tunes that feature walking in them - from the Dire Straits Walk of Life to the Lou Reed Walk on the Wild Side... but a great judge of the strike zone deserves an indisputably universal classic before each Plate Appearance. What song could you imagine accompanying Bobby walking up to the plate with the game on the line?