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Angels GameDay Metrolink Trains Update

This is unofficial but it is still pretty awesome. I took Missus Halofan to TRAXX restaurant at Union Station for Valentine's Day and passed by the Metrolink Window. This is where the train service to Angels games departs from in Los Angeles. I asked the attendant there what the status of the Angels GameDay Metrolink trains was... would they be happening again this season. Yes she answered. She even knew that the season started in April. Good News.

I then asked if the trains would be running for each game. Last season they only went to the stadium for 7:05 PM starts. Would Metrolink be expanding their service for games that started at different times. Saturday and Sunday day games, Saturday 6:05 PM starts and some midweek games cut into the total number of available train trips during the debut season of this affordable, environmental and just plain fun method of transportation to the games. She did not know but offered to call and ask. She promptly dialed up a landline and was speaking with some apparent higher-up somewhere. Her answer: Metrolink is trying to work out the logistics. They want to have trains for each Angels home game. No promises of such an upgrade, but the organizational will is now reported to be there. Good News.

An aside, we also took in a movie for Valentine's Day and saw Safe House and it was awesome. We were going to see The Artist but were fifteen minutes late to the ArcLight and had to settle for Denzel. Missus Halofan said most men would have been thrilled with plans changing like that. Good News!