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Hank Conger Angels Walkup Music (in a perfect world)

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...gimme some more...
...gimme some more...

Our series asking "What the Walkup Music for our favorite Angel players should be" continues...

If there is one thing that every player wants, it is playing time. Some guys go about getting that playing time by spouting off to the media, others by assuaging their manager's ego and self-critiquing their defensive skills. Angels catcher Hank Conger has politely acquiesced his benchwarming to King Scioscia for too many seasons. It is time for him to shout for playing time.

How should he go about that? Well... imagine Black Flag's classic Gimme Gimme Gimme as the aggressive dropping of the hint that Hank can send Mike's way. Walking up to the plate with his name announced and the dulcet tones of singer Henry Rollins warble in a pleasant melodious harmony... just listen to this ode about desire and think of Hank getting the majority of Catching ABs this season not because he is better than Chris Iannetta or Bobby Wilson but because he demanded them.

Don't ask what for!