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Thursday Halolinks: Outta Options, Free Agent Options, and Viewing Options

Fox will include its interactive faceplant camera during their Saturday broadcasts.
Fox will include its interactive faceplant camera during their Saturday broadcasts.

Other-stuff (not double-stuff) Halolinks:

  • MLBTradeRumors has put together a list of each teams' players who are out of options: Out Of Options 2012 - "The following 40-man roster players have less than five years service time and are out of minor league options. That means they must clear waivers before being sent to the minors. I've excluded players on multiyear deals. This list was compiled through MLBTR's sources. Angels - Alberto Callaspo, Kendrys Morales, Rich Thompson, Jerome Williams, Bobby Wilson". I'm pretty sure Wilson has been out of options for at least a couple of seasons, but with that status, it's almost certain Hank Conger will start the season in Salt Lake City unless he impresses Scioscia and his coaching staff. Also Rich Thompson's inclusion to this list, and the need of arms in the Halo pen, make his chances of being on the opening day roster almost a sure thing.
  • Here's another list, this time by SBN's Daily Dish site: Remaining MLB Free Agents 2012 - MLB Daily Dish. "With just a few days left until pitchers and catchers report and soon after, spring training officially beginning, let's take a look at the remaining MLB free agent class of 2012". Not a lot of talent left in that pool. There might be a couple of serviceable arms available (Mike Gonzalez, Horacio Ramirez, 39 year-old Jason Isringhausen, oft-injured Brandon Webb, and recovering David Aardsma). A couple of intriguing names remain from the offense side; Miguel Tejada would make an interesting backup at third and short if the need arises. Same with Eric Chavez if the Mark Trumbo to third experiment fails.
  • Yesterday, the Angels' spring training television schedule was released, and then Fox released their Saturday Baseball schedule: New-look Angels net eight regular-season games on FOX Saturday Baseball - "In 2012, the Angels will be making at least eight appearances on FOX Saturday Baseball, one less than the maximum allotted by team, the network announced in unveiling its schedule on Wednesday." Looks like there's some new interest in Angels' baseball by the national market. I wonder why?
  • Here's some great news: Report: Gwynn's surgery a success - "It turned out great. He looks good, he looks normal. His eyelids are a little swollen, but they got all the cancer. They say they got it all. His face looks good. They did an amazing job.''
  • BREAKING NEWS!: Trumbo's role unclear entering camp. "Logically, it is a very tough transition, especially learning on the fly," Trumbo said of playing third base. "But one thing they have said is they will be patient. I'm going to give it everything I have and I don't think there's any reason I can't make the transition." I wonder how Alberto Callaspo feels about all of this?
  • Position previews: Manager and coaches - ESPN Los Angeles. "Under the previous general manager, Tony Reagins, Scioscia enjoyed far-reaching power few managers can boast -- over trades, free-agent signings, even minor league personnel -- but his purview figures to shrink under Jerry Dipoto, who was given more authority by owner Arte Moreno. That could be a good thing, allowing Scioscia to focus his skills more narrowly on relationships in his clubhouse and in-game maneuvers." We've covered this a little bit before, but it's still an interesting topic -- How much is Mike Scioscia to blame for the trade acquiring Vernon Wells, and indirectly, for Tony Reagins losing his job?
  • Building Through the Draft: Worst of the Worst - FanGraphs Baseball. "Several people commented that they wished to see the entire list of teams, ranked by total accumulated WAR and also including average WAR per homegrown player. Here is the entire league". Spoiler-alert: The Angels rank #12.
  • Professional baseball isn't the only outlet getting ready to start: Breaking down the Southland's college baseball teams - "A team-by-team look at each of the major college baseball programs heading into the 2012 season."
  • Nine ways to improve Major League Baseball - "Remember, not all change is bad. At one point in time, it was a home run when the ball bounced over the fence. I wonder what the "purists" thought when they changed it to a ground-rule double?" And why is this change needed? The post cites this poll and baseball's increasing gap behind football: Football is America’s Favorite Sport as Lead Over Baseball Continues to Grow - Harris Interactive. "Over one-third of adults who follow at least one sport (36%) say professional football is their favorite sport while just 13% say baseball is their favorite. The gap between the two sports has widened in the past year - last year 31% said pro football was their favorite while 17% said baseball was their favorite sport."
  • Some historical stuff:Put Them in the Hall of Fame: Part 1, 19th Century - Beyond the Box Score. "What about other 19th century players who generate a ton of their WAR value from their defense? The top 19th century position players outside of the Hall of Fame by wWAR are Bill Dahlen (113.2), Jack Glasscock (104.3), Deacon White (92.2), George Gore (82.9), Charlie Bennett (82.5), and Ross Barnes (80.1)." Jack Glasscock! (sorry).
  • Here are a couple of Deadspin links: This Alabama Fan Holds A Giant, Bug-Eyed Cutout Of His Face At Games, And We're Scared. "This young man terrifies us." I think he's hysterical. And...A Clearly Linsane Mike Tyson Curses, Talks About His 3,000 Pigeons During MSG Interview. "the interview was about as much of a trainwreck as you'd expect—though interviewer Jill Martin's somewhat to blame (at one point it sounds like she interprets Tyson's answer to "What sports do you like to watch?" as "baseball")" I love Mike Tyson just for being so completely over the edge nuts.
  • In case you haven't heard: Yankees' A.J. Burnett balks at trade that would send him to Angels for Bobby Abreu - NY Daily News. "Burnett is allowed to pick 10 teams he can refuse to be traded to and the Angels are one of them, as are the Mariners and the other West Coast teams. Burnett and his family live in Maryland."
  • Gotta give the guy credit for still trying: NY Mets planning to scout Scott Kazmir - NY Daily News. "The Mets planned to send a scout to a scheduled showcase in Houston for the team’s former top draft pick, Scott Kazmir, a club insider said Wednesday."