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Thursday Halolinks: Trumbo and Morales Still Question Marks, Marks Are A Question

And when he does, you'll see.
And when he does, you'll see.

You'll have to wait for your answers edition of Halolinks:

  • Since the only questions the Angels have entering spring training is how Trumbo and Morales are going to figure into the plans of manager Mike Scioscia, we should probably get used to daily updates as to how each play is progressing in their own separate "developments". Those plans will rely on the health of Morales' leg and the athleticism of Trumbo to learn another position. This post: Top position battles to watch in spring training - FOX Sports on MSN adds Wells and Abreu to the mix, but really, Wells is making too much for the Angel to not play him, while Abreu might become a non-factor if both Trumbo and Morales do well. "Angels: Mark Trumbo vs. Kendrys Morales vs. Bobby Abreu vs. Vernon Wells. Trumbo (29 HR, 87 RBI) will try to play third. Morales (34, 108 in ’09) will try to be a DH, at the very least, after the halting recovery from his infamous leg injury. Abreu (.353 OBP) may be relegated to DH duty, too, given a crowded outfield that includes the underperforming Wells (.218, 25, 66). " Abreu played just 28 in the outfield last season (his lowest total since his rookie season in 1996), so considering him an outfielder might be a pretty big stretch. "Translation: The situation is ripe for someone to be traded for a pitcher."
  • This post runs down the four scenarios for Trumbo and Morales: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have to wait and see with Mark Trumbo, Kendrys Morales - "With 19 days left until the first reporting date, here's a look at what their options can be in each circumstance (barring trades, of course)." Of the four possible outcomes, my feeling is Trumbo will not be able to transition to third base, and Morales will start the season on the disabled list. Yeah, pessimistic on both counts, but it has been over a year and a half since Morales has faced MLB pitchers in game situations. I would think it's going to take more than the month worth of spring training games to get back into game shape. Trumbo on the other hand didn't show much promise when tested at the hot corner last year in Venezuela. Playing just 2 games at third base, Trumbo committed 4 errors (one throwing, 3 fielding) and the experiment was forgotten. In this LA Times article from February of last year, Trumbo had this to say about moving across the infield, "I was good at balls hit right at me, but range was an issue. It would take a lot of work to become adequate at third base right now." Considering that he had never played one game at third during his entire minor league career, a successful switch now is highly unlikely.
  • Angels’ big moves create excitement, unease for young players - The Orange County Register
    With spring training still a couple weeks away, none (Conger, Trumbo and Walden) have met new GM Jerry Dipoto yet and only know him through what they have read. Perhaps more unsettling, none really know how Dipoto or the new braintrust he has surrounded himself with evaluate – or value – them.
  • I have to give credit when credit is due...this is the second day in-a-row Mark Saxon has written a tidbit of fact that I found somewhat interesting: Angels vs. Rangers: Bullpens - ESPN Los Angeles. "Whose bullpen would you rather have? The Angels had a surprising edge in 2011, with their relievers putting up a 3.52 ERA, second in the American League to the New York Yankees. Texas relievers had a 4.11 ERA, near the bottom of the league, but they also blew six fewer saves than the Angels." I was unaware the Angel bullpen was one of the strongest in the A.L. last season. Going just by perception, it appeared to be one of the weaker. Boy, was I wrong. With the jettison of Rodney and the addition of Hawkins (assuming he continues to see his late career success), the bullpen might not be as fragile as I had thought.
  • I'm not too sure what to think about this post: Don’t Know What You’ve Got Until He’s Gone - Bugs & Cranks. "With Pujols now on-board, these fans find themselves in uncharted territory: they are now in possession of the most desirable Angels’ jersey, minus one somewhat amendable flaw. So what are they to do? Is there reason to shell out $283.99 on a jersey they (sort of) already own?" It seems this author has visited Halos Heaven before.
  • Brewers To Accommodate Fans With Peanut Allergies - WISC Madison. "Anyone who's sung "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" knows that peanuts and Cracker Jack are forever linked with baseball. But for fans with peanut allergies, a ballpark experience can be tough to navigate. That's a point that local sixth-grader Mathew Trotier made in a letter last month to the Milwaukee Brewers. In response, the team said this week it will set aside a peanut-controlled area for three home games next season." I'm deathly allergic to pop-ups. Do you think the Angels will accommodate me by not playing Vernon Wells?
  • Brandon Wood? Russ Canzler, Dan Johnson, and the Quad-A Label - FanGraphs Baseball. "As Kevin Goldstein pointed out earlier this winter, there are some convincing reasons to believe that Quad-A players do exist. Some players may have the tools necessary to destroy Triple-A pitching, but due to their skill sets — poor defenders, unathletic, slow swings — they have a difficult time succeeding in the majors."
  • The Jays Begin Their Courting of Bloggers - Drunk Jays Fans. "And he was curious, asking me about an answer I gave on the Fan590 a few weeks back, saying that I wasn't particularly interested in access anyway. I told him that partly it's because I didn't want to feel uncomfortable being an online dick about certain personalities on the club-- y'know, either with over-the-top, inevitably-foul-mouthed criticism, or in posting "Who gives a fuck?" videos, or "Brett 40-Hands" pictures. It's an old blogger's saw that part of the reason our medium was able to take hold as it did is because we offered an unvarnished opinion on the clubs we followed, without being clouded by the privilege of access or the necessity of maintaining professional relationships with players and club officials." I'm not too worried about running into players who I might have written some negative shit about. It hink they're pretty much used to having things like that written about them. On the other hand, I am quite nervous about running into the Marks (Whicker and Saxon). They've gone through their careers, prior to the internet and Halos Heaven, writing whatever they want and not being questioned on it. If I ever have access to the Angels' pressbox, I'll be sure to keep an eye out for Whicker taking the fork from his pasta plate and sticking between my shoulder blades, or Saxon giving me the backhand for posting this photo of him and his drool-cover t-shirt:
  • Cancel all of your plans, they're going to broad cast this!: Reyes to get dreads cut on MLB Network Friday - "It’s official: Jose Reyes will cut off his trademark long hair Friday on the MLB Network. More details to follow," tweeted Reyes' agent, Chris Leible Tuesday night"