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Cheech Knows Beisból (Part One)

Actor/ comedian/ cultural icon Cheech Marin and I were talking baseball and I just had to get the camera out, as he really knows and loves the sport. Here is part one of our conversation at his pad in Malibu.

Cheech has been getting up to speed on social media with his new Twitter account @CheechMarin, which is a fascinating veering from classic one-liners, philosophical musings and unique insider stories - he lamented the 140 character limit of twitter to me when mentioning the passing of Soul Train's Don Cornelius, as an example and told a story about Cheech and Chong appearing on Soul Train that would have made a great short blog entry - a gem of a perspective in a social media landscape that is littered with homogenized content re-tweeting generic platitudes.

In the video here he talks about playing shortstop in little league, growing up near L.A.'s Wrigley Field (home of the PCL Angels) and why the Dodgers had a national presence on early television broadcasts even before they moved to the West Coast. A unique and informed perspective by a funny, intelligent and hospitable guy.