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Yahoo! Sports is Like Oxygen

Frankly I have no idea why Yahoo! is bothering to advertise its fantasy sports, this is like earth advertising its oxygen to us all. Yahoo! Sports is the first step of being on the internet, it is the online oxygen for every man and even a few chicks in this country.

Yahoo! Sports is the leading fantasy provider and home to the #1 Fantasy Baseball game available - all for free! Here are some of the features:

  • Free live scoring - Why pay some service when the leader in the field gives you the best compilations for free.
  • Mock drafts - If you got the time, you can start to see what you might be up against as you plot that 15th round steal.
  • Mobile apps - I hope everyone realizes that APPS had not yet been invented in the original Star Trek, that is how advanced things are, Yahoo is ahead of dilythium crystals.
  • Over 80 scoring categories - I wanna see the whining emails you get as commissioner when you only allow 79 of them.
  • Live and offline draft apps - and prior generation actively sought to dodge the draft. HA!
  • Tools to manage your keeper league - because nothing screams celibacy like a well-managed keeper league!
  • Top-notch information and resources - actually I use all this for my Vegas betting, way better than trusting my gut in that town.
  • Expert advice throughout the season with bi-weekly video clips and weekly radio coverage on the Fantasy Freaks - kinda like an AA meeting you can drink at.

Yahoo! Sports now offers the fantasy fanatic an even more competitive way to play – Pro Leagues are here! Join a Pro League for $20 or $100 and compete to win cash prizes.

Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball supports SBNation for its commitment to furthering America’s hardball obsession. As the #1 Fantasy Baseball game, players can count on Yahoo! to provide all the research, stats, live scoring, video highlights, and mobile apps to make this season the best yet. Game opens 2/9/12 – Sign up!