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Tuesday Halolinks: Bobby Abreu Okay, Albert Pujols Still Good At Baseball

You know what happens next week? Real baseball will actually be played. On real baseball fields. By real players. Really.

  • Did Bobby bother to ask which team he'd be getting those 400 plate appearances with? Angels' Bobby Abreu OK with plan to receive about 400 plate appearances - "I'm fine. I'm OK," Abreu said while addressing a slew of reporters at Tempe Diablo Stadium. "We had a nice conversation this morning, and it was very good. We talked about what we needed to talk about, how many at-bats. We're talking about 400. Like I said, it can be more than that; you don't know what's going to happen. But right now, Spring Training, I'm just getting ready to play, getting myself ready for the season." Let's see...400 PA / 26 weeks = 15 PA per week, $9M / 26 weeks = $346,154 per week. So...$346,154 / 15 PA = $23,076 per PA.
  • There's a FanShot about this, but in case you missed it: Callaspo, Trumbo, and the Third Base Profile - FanGraphs Baseball. "What struck me was the idea that Callaspo does not "profile" as a third baseman, apparently (judging from the context) because of his offense. The scout is probably thinking of power. Callaspo had a .086 ISO last season (.108 career), while Trumbo had a .223 ISO and 29 home runs while playing first base for the Angels and coming in second in the American League Rookie of the Year voting."
  • You know who's a freakin' genius? Mickey Hatcher, that's who: Coach gives Mark Trumbo the Figgins treatment - ESPN Los Angeles. "Hatcher is working with Trumbo to tighten up his swing boundaries, laying off anything off-speed and anything too far outside." Professor Hatcher is telling Trumbo to swing at strikes. Brilliant!
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again; This Pujols guy is pretty good at baseball: Pujols impacting Angels on, off field - Yahoo! Sports. ""Unbelievable," right fielder Torii Hunter said in the clubhouse after witnessing Pujols’ session. "His bat was explosive. He said he hadn’t hit outside in a while, but he’s hitting the ball like he’s been hitting it forever. It’s amazing. He’s awesome."