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Dodgers Not the City of Angels Team

<em><strong>(Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE)</strong></em></strong>

Don Mattingly might want to start an argument (are the Dodgers the defacto L.A. team over the Angels with a Yankees - Mets style relationship that pits an unassailable brand identified with winning versus an underdog upstart?), I am happy to carry that argument on and you all can watch this video and finish the debate in the comments if you choose...

Welcome to the first regular video by yours truly at the Halos Heaven YouTube Channel, part of the SBN YOUTUBE channel, a blatant effort to steal viewers from the television set where they only get brainwashed with Yankee Red Sox pablum by the poisonous east coast bias of New Jersey cultured doorknobbed-brain sports media.

Subscribe to the HALOS HEAVEN channel and for a balanced diet, try the SBN Channel. The George Michael Sports Amchine was the 20th century. Don't let the New Jersey YanSox of ESPend be you lone 21st century telecasted sports reporting.

Now you can enjoy quick takes on the subject you love most - the Angels - instead of waiting to hear what Tom Brady ate for breakfast, what non-racist post-meal treat was served to Jeremy Lin instead of one that predicted the future, and sad to tell Dennis Kuhl, little if any Derek Jeter coverage here. So Boo-Hoo ChowdJersey, this is Halos Heaven!