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Cheech Knows Baseball Part Two

My conversation with actor Cheech Marin continues here, he discusses the heroics of the Dodger Game that he threw out the first pitch and recollects the Washington Nationals giving him the A-List star treatment when his publicist let them know he was in town and was a big baseball fan.

Cheech and I discuss the cross-town rivalry between the Dodgers and Angels in light of fifteen years of interleague play and he reveals which Angels player was his hero when he was an infielder playing in American Legion Ball and High School.

And no discussion of baseball is complete without the story of when it broke your heart. Hear Cheech's tale.

We taped this three part video at Cheech's house near Point Dume and Malibu. The silence there is broken up by the crashing of the waves - which happen to be about fifty yards behind us.

Cheech did this video to promote his Twitter account (where he posts fun photos of all the guests at his house) @CheechMarin if you are so inclined. Here is a link to PART ONE of our talk. Part Three will be posted soon, stay tuned!