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Mark Trumbo Angels Walkup Music (in a perfect world)

Our series asking what the Walkup Music for our favorite Angel players continues... What should the Trumbomb hear walking from the on-deck circle? Perhaps a plea to all of us: Don't Let Me Be Misundertood by the Animals

He finished second in the 2011 AL rookie of the Year voting, but Angels slugger Mark Trumbo saw many an observer point out his strikeout totals and ignore that he led his team (and all MLB rookies) with a .223 ISO... desperately needed power infused into the Angels lineup, and laid up on a broken foot all winter he hears nothing but stupid trade proposals.

Trumbo is what he is, but at least what he is actually IS something, and to cast that off so quickly with the kid having just turned 26 is ignoring the slap-hitting single truth of the three run homer. You can replay that infamous August Walk-Off HR in your mind's eye and practically hear Trumbo plead with your depth-destorying trade proposal: "I'm just a soul who's intentions are good, oh lord please don't let me be misunderstood." In a perfect world, we would all understand that our hometown hero has a simple, good task to perform and it is not rocket science to understand him nor is it sabermetric heresy to celebrate it all.

And in 2012, when he starts a brave attempt to change positions in order to keep that bat in the lineup, let's not confuse expectations and demand Brooks Robinson at the hot corner. Understand that his intentions are in all of our best interest. He grew up an Angels fan, he is one of us.