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Kendrys Morales Readies Cactus League Debut


On the comeback trail there are months spent dreaming and resting and going against every stupid sneaker commercial on earth and not going for it and not overdoing it and not letting the adrenaline kick in.

The discipline required to pace one's self, to accept setbacks, to accept an accident, the mental faculty to not go gentle into that good night... a testament of character and physical grace. I present to you Kendrys Morales, a baseball player who followed up his 2010 walkoff grand slam with a 2 for 5 performance this morning.

It is time to drink some K-Mo Koolaid while you watch this metaphoric video analysis of Kendry(s)'s Komeback...

Kendrys (formerly Kendry) wears jersey number 8, infinity on its side. He is looking at still more work to be a regular this season. He batted from the left side each time today in a minor league game against Arizona Diamondbacks minor leaguers. Angels manager Mike Scioscia told the Orange County Register that Kactus McKowbell's baserunning was fantastic. It is making those three left turns on the basepaths that is the ultimate test on his recovery from ankle surgery.