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Two Players to Avoid in Your Fantasy Draft

I am going to be in Las Vegas to put money down on the Angels to win it all this season and will be missing two fantasy drafts this weekend - one is in the head-to-head league I share with guys I smoked pot with went to college with in 1983, the other is with folks I worked with when the dotcom streets were paved with gold in 1999- 2000. Both leagues are, of course, in Yahoo! and I would not dream of playing anywhere else. I have been commissioner of leagues before and Yahoo! is by far the most user-friendly.

When it comes to an auto-draft, the feature that helps me the most year in and year out is the set-aside that allows for a pre-draft avoidance of last year's high performers that I feel will be little more than hotshot injury concerns. A click of a button and I am protected form being automatically assigned the guys I think are going to be worthless this season. Better to single them out and excise their presence from the draft before the computer countdown sticks these bums with my team.

Number one on my dump list is New York Yankees money-pit Alex Rodriguez and his coming 27 million dollar hip replacement. I am also avoiding baby elbow Neftali Feliz of our rival Rangers - he cannot recover from the one strike away GULF of last October! Which players will you be dumping???

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