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Angels Loving New Second Wild Card • Halolinks are getting sleeeeeepy... are getting sleeeeeepy...

Angels approve new playoff format - The Angels like the idea of a one game playoff between the two teams with the best record in each league after the division winners.

Rangers in favor of extra wild-card team - The Arlington Gulfs of Cruz like it, too.

Marlins - Just like Shaft, well they can dig it.

Blue Jays like idea of second Wild Card - yeah, pretty much the one team in all of baseball, The Blue Jays of Canada, that will benefit the most from the new playoff format likes it.

With baseball’s new playoff format, the Nationals season got more interesting - "the Nationals could be one of the most-affected teams."


The Braves - The Braves are on the fence.

The Phillies - "Charlie Manuel is not fond of the new playoff format."

The Red Sox - "If the proposed new playoff format had been around last year, the Boston Red Sox would have loved it."

The Yankees are not too wild about proposed playoff format for MLB playoffs - "...but Derek Jeter doesn’t see what all the fuss is about."

Really? Baseball’s Expanded Playoffs Are Good for Everyone But the Yankees and Red Sox - From Businessweek.