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Tuesday Halolinks: Kendrys Meowles Continues Comeback, Bobby Abreumew Continues Decline

"If you do something like that again, I'm going to shove this ball so far up your....."
"If you do something like that again, I'm going to shove this ball so far up your....."

I bought tickets for the Angels-Twins game on April 11th at Target Field. Who else is going? Oh yeah, here are today's Halolinks:

  • Could this get any better? Only if ice cream is involved: Slow and steady, Morales on the move - "I think it's just a comfort level of where he is," Scioscia said. "His times are not that far off from where he was a couple years ago. A little bit down, which is obviously something you would expect, but I think there's still upside."With the continued improvement of Morales, playing time for either Bobby Abreu and/or Mark Trumbo is going to be greatly impacted. And with his lackluster play this spring, Abreu is probably the player headed to another team via trade or outright release.
  • Good luck with that: Bobby Abreu wants to stay with the Angels and stay in baseball three more seasons - "Bobby Abreu has a pretty good idea of just how much longer he wants to play this game. "Three years," the 38-year-old Angel said Monday morning, indicating he doesn't want to retire until after his age-40 season. "That's what I want. I feel that I can keep playing. I believe that you have to know when your body tells you when to stop. But I'm fine. I feel fine." It's early, but Abreu's spring performance would say otherwise." Uh, it's not THAT early.
  • Me too: I ♥ Bobbleheads - Baseball Nation. "And I ♥ this bobblehead, in particular." Rob Neyer is loving the Pablo Sandoval bobblehead (click link to see its awesomeness). By the way, here are the Angels' bobblehead dates... all two of them:
    April 17 - Albert Pujols
    May 16 - Peter Bourjos
  • This might get a little ugly: C.J. Wilson probably violated the MLB Social media policy - HardballTalk. "4. Displaying or transmitting Content that contains confidential or proprietary information of any MLB Entity or its employees or agents, including, for example, financial information, medical information, strategic information, etc." Halos Heaven's customer complaint hotline number is: 714-867-5309. Ask for Jenny.


  • Another rotation ranking. This one puts the Tampa Bay Rays ahead of the Halos:Ranking baseball's best starting rotations: American League version -
    "2. Los Angeles Angels: I raved about this Angels' rotation and I stand by that. The only thing keeping them from the top spot is a weak link in the five-spot and not really much depth after that, either. Weaver and Haren are a pair of aces at the top, Wilson has gotten so much "overrated" talk from fans this offseason he's become underrated -- seriously, he had a 2.31 road ERA last season, and now his home games aren't in the hitter-haven that is Rangers Ballpark -- and Santana has the ability to dominate a game with the best of them. If the Angels get to the playoffs with this top four, watch out."
  • Here's a great write-up from Tim Dierkes reminding us of the Angels' epic offseason: Offseason In Review: Los Angeles Angels - "Given Iannetta's ability to void a $5MM club option for 2013 because of the trade, the Halos may have acquired only one year of control in exchange for six of Chatwood. This was the first sign the Angels were embarking on a win-now offseason. The Iannetta acquisition made non-tender candidate Jeff Mathis expendable, so Dipoto picked up Mills to essentially replace Chatwood down the rotation depth chart."
  • Mark Saxon updates us on a couple of things yesterday: Monday rumblings - ESPN Los Angeles. "Aybar said he hasn't heard how much progress was made in the negotiations, but it sounds as if nothing is imminent. The longer the talks drag on, the less likely Aybar is to remain an Angel. Several big-market teams could be looking for shortstops this fall." It looks like the Angels are either playing hardball with Aybar about an extension, or they're not that interested in extending him. "With Kendrys Morales making more and more progress, the Angels might simply release Abreu to open up full-time DH duties. That would be a difficult decision, however, as Abreu earns $9 million this season." More Bobby bad news.
  • Five questions: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - The Hardball Times. "Last season, Wilson threw just over 223 innings and struck out 206 batters. He had a 2.94 ERA and a 1.187 WHIP. Taken without context, those are great numbers. When we think about Wilson doing that while making 16 starts in his home ballpark, a park that ESPN ranked as the best ballpark for hitters in baseball last season, we may wonder if he has a chance to pitch even better in coming seasons by making half his starts on his new home field, which ranked as one of the worst for hitters last year." Look for continued improvement from the Angels #3 starter.
  • Ouch. Don't let Mark Trumbo see this: Miguel Cabrera takes one-hopper to face, leaves "bleeding as much as I’ve seen a player bleed" - HardballTalk. "Hunter Pence‘s one-hopper struck Cabrera in the face and the first baseman-turned-third baseman left the field a bloody mess, although he at least did so under his own power and may have actually been saved by the ball hitting his sunglasses."
  • This is the dumbest thing I've ever least so far this week: Must-Click … wait, you really don’t have to click this one. But you probably should. - HardballTalk. "Sometimes people ask me who I consider to be HBT’s competition. It’s always a difficult question to answer. But now I at least know who will eventually put us out of business." That must-click link is this: Meowjer League Baseball. And it contains this, "Anaheim native Brian Meowning was a bullpen catcher at Cypress College before his 20-year MLB career."
  • That didn't take long, THIS is the dumbest thing I've seen so far this week: Alex Rodriguez seeks refund from boutique after shopping spree - FOX Sports. ""Torrie was being price-conscious, but the niece was throwing in more and more clothes," said a store rep. The group walked out the door with $17,604 worth of goods, all paid for by Rodriguez on his black American Express card. But when Silva got home, sources said her mom became concerned that her wealthy brother had spoiled her daughter, and told Silva to return the clothes."
  • Good luck to a short-time, former Angel: Phillies release veteran starter Joel Pineiro - HardballTalk. "Philadelphia signed Joel Pineiro to a minor-league contract in January, but a three-week look at the veteran right-hander was all they needed to determine he wasn’t worth keeping around."