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Angels Lose 6-2; Abreu Watch Begins

Abreu Watch
Abreu Watch

Meteorologist have abandoned the storm watch in Southern California. They are wearing their heavy parkas and toting super-sized umbrellas in Arizona and in Los Angeles of Anaheim for the "Abreu Watch."

While Aybar was getting all Cirque De Solei in the infield; Bobby Abreu, I need to play more, dropped a routine pop fly and went 0-3. Dallas Raines jumped immediately to his satellite feed in Tempe, AZ, and abandoned the low pressure system in Southern California and got all high pressure on the "Abreu Watch."

Notes from todays game:

Garrett Richards did well today, although his line will not reflect it. His breaking ball was super sick.

Kendrys Morales... I don't know what to say, other than "superb" like Coach Buttermaker for the Bears when Lupus made the mixed drink by the pool.

Vernon Wells looked like Vernon Wells from last year.

Torii Hunter had no base running gafes.

From Rancho Penasquitos....