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Pregame Picks Introduction

Even the coaches are discussing how they're going to win it all this year!!
Even the coaches are discussing how they're going to win it all this year!!

Hello Everyone!

If you don't know who I am, well, you better get used to me... because you'll see me on here as often as you see the Angels. Once again this year I'll be taking care of the PGP (Pregame Picks).

What are Pregame Picks?

Well, they're just one of the many things that make HH a little more fun. Before every game (around midnight-ish) a pregame post will come asking you to guess on a few things about the game. Guesses can range from picking the Runs and HIts for each team in the game... guessing which player is going to be the first to reach 3rd base... whether the Angels SP lasts longer than the opponent's SP... who knows. The possibilities are endless!

How to participate? Well, that's simple!

  1. In the pregame post, there will be a Google Docs sheet.
  2. Fill out the questions there and SUBMIT before the game starts!
  3. But you're not done yet! You need to also comment in the PGP Post itself before your guess will be valid.
  4. Then you just wait for the game to play out, and see if you scored!


Okay, There a few additional rules/details though... and it's probably good to take a look at them. You don't have to... but don't come whining to me if things surprise you. So... let me just repeat it one more time. Google Docs Submission AND Comment Post are necessary for your guess to count. YOU NEED BOTH. ABSOLUTELY BOTH!

Cutoff of entries is the listed game-start time of the game. For example, Saturday April 7th's game starts at 1:05PM, so any entries after that point will be null and void. (This includes having both your google docs and comment post in!). Delayed-Start games (such as a rain delay) will have the cutoff extended until the game actually starts. Postponed game will be taken care of on a case-by-case manner.

There will (almost) always be a link to the 'submitted' results when you submit the GoogleDocs Form. So it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that your submission went thru. It is also YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure your comment actually goes through in the Pregame Post. There's no arguing for points if both are not there, because... (together now...) It's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

Results will generally come after the game and a link to the results should be present on "Post-Game Report". Of course, some days I will be busy and it may come a bit later, but it will eventually be there. Also, please make sure to check your own results that they've been calculated properly. Again, It's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

There should be a post on Saturdays that give a 'Weekly result', basically who did best that week. Try to catch any errors 24 hours within this post coming up.This is the best chance to check up on errors! And again... I'm not going to repeat it, but it's all on you to make sure everything's going correct.

If there are any ambiguities in the question, make sure to ask me. Otherwise it will go to my interpretation of the question. You can try to post in the comments, but the for sure way to get a response is to email me. Just take my account name here and apply gmail to it, and that's where you can reach me the fastest way.

Ask questions below! A 'Practice' PGP question should come up tomorrow!