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Angels Send Mike Trout and Brad Mills to Salt Lake City


The Angels sent potential 5th starter Brad Mills to Triple A - but he might be back playing for the team April 15, the first time that the team would need a fifth starter because of a conveniently placed off-day after the first four games of the season.

Mike Trout was also optioned as he is still behind after a flu bug and sore throwing shoulder slowed him down in Spring.

All of this was first reported in the Orange County Register's online Angels blog which, unlike the Dodger-loving Los Angeles Times, does not require a lengthy privacy-invasive registration process to read more than two dozen articles a month. It might actually have been first reported by the Chicago-based LA Times but soon nobody will be reading the paywall version of the Spring Street False Equivalency. While some baseball fans in 2012 will pay for the privilege of being reminded that Sandy Koufax once pitched for a local team, most readers looking for Angels news will land right in my lap.

In other news, the Angels affirmed that Jason Isringhausen will be on the 40-Man roster, guaranteeing the veteran reliever a $650,000 salary for the 2012 season. Still no word on the status of Bobby Abreu the depth chart disaster of the Spring.