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Angels Spring Training Predictions

Watch this video to see our <strong>Ryan Langerhans</strong> prediction!
Watch this video to see our Ryan Langerhans prediction!

The first Cactus League Game is upon us Monday afternoon. Many, many twists and turns will tumble into the tales this team wants to tell. How the checkerboard looks today is almost always drastically different than how the finished chessboard will look on Opening Day. That is the nature of the shakeout process called Spring Training.

Here is a video shot with actual cacti to reveal my predictions about what the Cactus League will result in as far as the 25 men that the Angels take to Anaheim with them to play a game that counts on April 6.

What are your predictions for how the team will shake out? Can you see yourself rooting for a team that demotes exciting prospects? Do you root on positional experimentation madness in some deluded hope for a dollop more Isolated Power in the lineup? Is there a single concept or cactus needle in that video that just stings you?

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