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Jered Weaver Back In Action, Mark Trumbo Gaining Traction, Loek Van Mil Gets No Satisfaction

WTY, thousand yard stare.
WTY, thousand yard stare.

"Hey, I know that dude."-Jeff Spicoli, Fast Times At Ridgemont High

That was also what I said when Jered Weaver took the mound today. Our own Spicoli-like stud, looking buff, bronze and bitchen per usual, made his first appearance of the Spring, and seemed to look like the Weaver we know and love. So that's good. Two innings pitched, 34 pitches, 3 hits...the usual Spring Training fare. The important thing was we got to see Our Guy for the first time since last September, which is exciting enough by itself.

No Albert Pujols in the lineup today, but Mark Trumbo did start at 3B. We didn't get to see him do anything though, including ABs, but I'm sure getting to see him take some reps at a tricky new position was just a big, blonde cherry on a Weaver sundae for most Angels fans listening/watching at home or in The House of the Devil(Diablo Stadium).

7'1 Loek(pronounced "Luke", although I think it's cooler pronouncing it in the same fashion as Tone Loc) Van Mil got the loss today, and more than anybody had the worst case of HeadingBackToSLC-itis. It's spring training, though, and while hit fests like the last two outings get us pumped, a loss to the Mariners squad can still hold enough palpable excitement to leave us not really caring, and just wanting more.