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Friday HaloLinks: Dan Haren Is Unstoppable, Albert Pujols Stopped.

  • I learned something of interest from my son last week: The Pomodoro Technique. The idea is that proper time management will insist on taking regular breaks in order to increase overall productivity. There's this whole egg-timer-that-looks-like-a-tomato phenomenon, and books and videos and web sites behind this, and even a Master's program. But the gist is simple: pace yourself. Which brings us to Dan Haren. After wrapping up his ST debut against the Indians (more about them later), Haren The Ironman talk was all the rage among the pressers. Yes, Haren has yet to miss a start in his career. Ever. 237 in a row. Which I guess is great, until you get to August of 2011. Or August of 2010. Or August of 2009. By his own admission he sometimes takes the mound feeling not so special. Maybe this season somebody might want to get him an egg timer or something. Just sayin'.
  • Albert Pujols Watch, Day 3: The Slump continues. Hide the steak knives. El ArcAngel went 0-2 with a walk in the Halos' 6-5 win over Cleveland. But fear not Halo Fans, Hisanori Takahashi stepped up with a surprisingly nice outing behind Haren, helping carry The Machine to the W.
  • For those of you still reeling over that whole sun-rising-in-the-East event that occured today, you might want to brace yourselves before you take a gander at yet another startling revelation brought to you by the LA Times: bullpens can be important! Yeah. One of the criteria for qualifying to have direct access to sports information gathering is mastering those angles that are well beyond those readers who just fell off the turnip truck. This is what all that advertising money for male enhancements makes possible for those who are hungry for Southern California sporting news.