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Tuesday Halolinks: CJ Wilson Is Better Than Yu, Remembering Nick Adenhart

You're a good man, Jered Weaver
You're a good man, Jered Weaver

Who's smarter, Jerry Dipoto or Jon Daniels? Let Halolinks answer that question:

  • The Angels signed CJ Wilson this past off season and yesterday he made his Halo debut: Wilson wins Angels debut, 5-1 in Twins home opener - Yahoo! Sports. "Wilson (1-0) allowed three hits while striking out five, giving up only one fly ball, a home run by Josh Willingham off his work-in-progress changeup." Meanwhile, the Rangers spent over $100M to sign Yu Darvish to replace Wilson in the their rotation. He made his Rangers' debut yesterday: Yu Darvish recovers after shaky start for Rangers - Yahoo! Sports. "Darvish retired 10 straight batters at one point and finished with a line of five earned runs, five strikeouts and four walks over 5 2/3 innings." Okay, it was only one game, but my money's still on Wilson to be the better signing over the course of the contract.
  • It's been three years...Angels recall Adenhart on third anniversary of tragedy - The Orange County Register. "Monday is the third anniversary of the tragic drunk-driving accident that took the lives of Adenhart, Henry Pearson and Courtney Stewart and left Jon Wilhite with traumatic injuries. "You never forget," said (Bobby) Wilson, the Angel who has kept most closely in contact with Adenhart's family since the accident. "I definitely keep in touch with them just to let them know someone's thinking about them. It's never going to be easy for them and I just don't want them to feel that nobody remembers or cares. I just want them to know we're always thinking about them and remembering Nick."
  • I still tear-up whenever I see Weaver write "NA" in the dirt. Adenhart always in Weaver's thoughts - "On the morning of Dec. 8, when his team signed free agents Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson, Angels ace Jered Weaver woke up to an overflow of missed calls, voicemails and texts. His initial thought: fear."


  • So, Wells had a crappy season last year because he was pressing to live up to the big contract, and now this year there's this: Angels FYI: Vernon Wells' early struggles raise concerns - "A mere three games into the season, the Angels are already concerned Vernon Wells is pressing in an effort to bounce back from his career-worst 2011, when the left fielder hit .218 with a .248 on-base percentage, 25 home runs and 66 runs batted in." WTF? Will 2013 be a crappy year also because he doesn't want to have back-to-back-to-back bad seasons? Here's more on this pressing issue: Angels’ Wells sits after early struggles - The Orange County Register. "Angels manager Mike Scioscia met with Wells privately before the game to discuss Wells' start. The manager said he "absolutely" felt Wells was pressing to get off to a good start this season."
  • Myth or fact; does a player perform differently depending on who is batting in front and behind him in the batting order? Sorry, but this article doesn't answer that question: Protecting Pujols in lineup a priority for Angels - "Through the season's first series against the Royals, protecting Albert Pujols was something the Angels struggled with. And that was especially the case in Sunday's 7-3 loss, when the Nos. 4-5-6 hitters -- Torii Hunter, Vernon Wells and Kendrys Morales, respectively -- combined to go 1-for-14 with seven strikeouts. As a result, Pujols reached base four times but never scored."
  • The Angels from 2005 to 2009: Was Mike Scioscia That Good? - Beyond the Box Score. "In those five seasons alone, the Angels beat their WAR win expectancy by 110 wins. While we knew the Angels consistently beat their pyth record, I don't think we knew how much they were out-playing their WAR. It's pretty remarkable."
  • This isn't an article about the Cubs...well, it is, but the important part about this Ken Rosenthal post is his view on the Angels and Erick Aybar: Chicago Cubs' problems grow worse with change in MLB draft rules 040912 - FOX Sports. "Aybar, a potential free agent, would be the best shortstop on the market next offseason. He could do quite well, given the shortage of quality players at the position. But the Angels can ill afford to lose him."
  • I found this website: GIFULMINATION and here's what they have:
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  • This actually looks pretty good: Behold, The Dodgers unveil The Big Kid Dog - HardballTalk. "Some people say the Dodgers are worth $2 billion because of future television revenue. I say it’s because of billion-dollar ideas like this one: The Big Kid Dog. According to the Dodgers’ Twitter feed it’s "a 100% all-beef dog topped with gooey Mac and Cheese and covered in Fritos." Twitter / @Dodgers: Here's the new Big Kid Dog ...
  • More stolen stuff from the Hall of Fame makes its way to auction: This Rare Photo, Up For Auction, Was Stolen From The Baseball Hall Of Fame - Deadspin. "An ex-Hall official confirmed that in the course of the investigation a man who accompanied Gutierrez on a trip to the library stated he saw Gutierrez steal several rare documents after he had photocopied them. Hall of Fame officials never followed through with the probe or formal charges, fearing a public relations nightmare for past and future donors."
  • I wonder if her dugout is covered with spit and sunflower seeds? (I'm betting it is): How to Get on TV in Two Easy Steps - Drunk Jays Fans
  • This is pretty entertaining, not the dumbass running on the field, but the way the announcers talk about it: Here's How Four Broadcast Teams Described The Orioles Streaker On Friday. "The ad hoc policy to not televise fans who run onto the field during baseball games is intended to discourage copycats, though its effectiveness is debatable at best. Yet while viewers may be blind to the rogue fan's activities, announcers can't resist providing their own take on the action." Here's the YouTube video of what they're talking about: