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Angels Blowpen Can't Stop Twins

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Jered Weaver was shakier than normal, but he left the game with a 5-3 lead.

It didn't get any better after that.


In Weaver's first start of the season, with a slim lead, Mike Scioscia let him go back out with over 90 pitches thrown. He responded with a 1-2-3 inning and got the W. And so with a two-run lead in the 7th, Weaver takes the mound and puts two men on. So water is wet, the sky is blue and the law of averages exists. Considering Weaver's status this is not a case of Scioscia catching lightning in a bottle last time ad expecting the same sort of magic.

But there is plenty to blame Scioscia for. Two words: Hisanori Takahashi.

Why you would bring in the equivalent of a mop-up man with two men on base and only a two-run lead is beyond comprehension. Yesterday was an off-day, nobody in that pen is going to be more rested than they were today.

The Angels scored 5 runs and lost the game. The great Mike Scioscia teams of last decade did not lose many games when they scored more than the league average in runs. Perhaps this was just an early-season gut-check but it will wear thin fast.

Bummer in All This: The highlight of the year so far, Peter Bourjos Inside The Park HR, at one point the whole darn difference in the game, ends up not amounting to the awesomeness of which it is worthy.

Silver Lining: Texas choked up a big one to Seattle and they can only blame the exact pitcher who they pay to be in the very spot where the choke took place. So there is that.