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Angels Bullpen Brings Early Season Misery

Minnesota ballet class.
Minnesota ballet class.

Many things are wrong with the Angels bullpen. All at once. Scott Downs was reported to have a bruised ankle. He left the stadium on crutches. Senior citizens LaTroy Hawkins and Jason Isringhausen pitched Wednesday and were therefore unavailable to pitch Thursday afternoon. Hisanori Takahashi was given a few opportunities to pitch well and blew them. Kevin Jepsen looked like a savior to end one inning but then blew the next inning. Rich Thompson came in because of the Downs "injury" and stopped the bleeding. He started the next inning and that was the ballgame.

Does this pen need to watch 1970s Dave LaRoche Chokeathon videos to build up some self-esteem? Sorry the 50th anniversary memorabilia has been put away to sell more Pujols jerseys. Don't look now but the ice cold start has arrived. But few Mike Scioscia teams have scored 9 runs and not won a game and none have lost back to back-to-back games of scoring 5 and then 9 runs. This should be a feather in our manager's cap but instead it might be an indicator that he has no idea about how to handle it.