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Angels Shutout in Kuroda Bronx Gem

Photos of meetings on the mound: Never a good thing.
Photos of meetings on the mound: Never a good thing.

The Angels offense and starting pitching has made it simple for fans to take a break from complaining about the bullpen. Ervin Santana gave up three runs with two outs in the first inning of the Yankees home opener. It was kind of over then. At least the formerly Magic one ate some innings to rest the mediocre arms of the bullpen. Lose the battle, win the- nope, lose the war too.

The Angels offense scored nine runs yesterday, benched a slumping Howie Kendrick and gave Torii Hunter the day off because it was, after all, a day game after a day game. The need to get the lefthanded bat of Bobby Abreu into the lineup did not cost the team any fielding boners but, yeah well, Abreu at the plate, whaddaya want? What were you expecting?

Highlight of the game was David Carpenter making his major league debut in Tyler Chatwood's old jersey number. Carpy gave up a hit in a scoreless inning. Everyone else taking notes there?

The hope from my living room sofa is that Scioscia needs Abreu, Wells and even Santana to exhaust their mediocrity into abject self-evidence to justify promoting Mike Trout and Garrett Richards. Considering that the most important contributor to the Angels season so far has been Joe Nathan, he of two blown save losses for the division-leading Rangers, the question now is only: how many games in the standings can the Dipoto Crew afford to spot the Ron Washington Engine of Arlington?