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Yankees Saturday Morning Pregame Picks

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I don't know if I can handle all of these early games... how can people complain about late night games when this is the alternative... *shakes head*

Today's Projected Starters:
Angels (Wilson) @ Yankees (Hughes) - 10.05AM

Pregame Picks:
ABOX choice! Pick whether A only is true, B only is true, both are true (O), neither are true (X).

Q1 2 or more Angels gets 2 or more hits 2 or more Yankees gets 2 or more hits
Q2 There is a HR before the 5th inning There is a HR after the 5th inning.
Q3 There are no Wild Pitches or Passed Balls There are no errors.

Note for Q2, neither includes the 5th inning

Also, sometime tonight (hopefully) there will be a 'weekly results' post. And we'll crown the user who did the best this week.