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Pregame Picks Week 1: whatshouldithrowtoday? leads


I hope everyone has been enjoying the pregame picks so far!

A total of 191 unique halos fans decided to take part and join us for some pregame festivities, with an average of 100 players per game. And that's even with 3 morning games this week... Thanks to each and everyone of you for coming by!

On that note, since we've finally finished a full week of games let's take a look at the results:

whatshouldithrowtoday? seems to have picked the proper throws and picks, as he racked up 10 points and leads the pregame picks race!
adirondackangelfan, angelslogic, Im4kiss, scottnak all trail closely behind at 9 points.
And with 4 players tied with 8, and 13 at 7 points... certainly anything can happen.

To find where you stand, check this link.

Of course, since this is the first week... the weekly results leader is the same as the overall results leader. So, starting next week we'll see a few more stats here for you to take a look at. But for now that's it.

Please feel free to gloat, comment, yell, grumble about anything about the pregame picks here. I'll be checking back occasionally to address comments.

Remember, given the number of people who are playing... These results are calculated via program. They aren't perfect, so make sure you have checked your results. If you don't alert me to issues, I wont be able to fix them.