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Yankees Smother Angels on National TV


Final Score in the Bronx: Angels 5, Yankees 11

Our fifth starer pitched great in A-Ball last week. Just about everything good for the Angels in tonight's game ended last Tuesday as well.

The Angels got beat in many differnt ways, plenty of them by themselves. Nine games into the season their highlight of accomplishments is that they have yet to be swept in any of the three-game series they have played. They have gone 1-2 against the Royals, Twins and now the Hoboken Gloryhog Nimrods of "Da Bronx". 3-6 is not a death knell, hardly a warning, but it creates indigestion and, for those in the front office who only care about billboards and merchandise sales, the heartburn they feel mimics the indigestion we as fans all share.

All four "blame of the game" candidates here below are members of the team courtesy of Tony Reagins, promoted from within by a groupthink front office way back when, the days of yore, of 2012 and 2011, 2010 and late '09 still haunting us all... and for how long will we suffer? How long?

Will this still-circling Los Angeles Drain of Reagins allow the Rangers the chance to solidify themselves as the Buffalo Bills/Minnesota Vikings in the next few world series as we let their paper tiger launching pad lift them to an inflated and patently unsustainable run at the postseason in each of the next few seasons as we wash away the ghost of garbage Tony, knowing all too well that the brainiacs who hired hi are still patting themselves on the back for hiring allegedly competent Jerry Dipoto.