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Rev's Tuesday Angels Report

...ignore the empty seats in the background...
...ignore the empty seats in the background...

A look at Jered Weaver career strikeout #1,000, Kendrys Morales hits his first homerun since his return to the major leagues (and his first homer with the letter S at the end of his first name), the Angel stadium crowd of 27,000+ on Monday's homestand opener against the Oakland Athletics was the lowest announced attendance at an Angels game since 2003, but don't let a school night in April fool you, don't freak about high gas prices and don't blame the presidential candidate of your choice for a lousy economy - none of this factored into the smaller crowd than did one fact of life: Tuesday April 17 is Albert Pujols bobblehead night. expect a sellout and everyone who did not feel like going to two games in a row chose to get tickets to Tuesday's game.

Monday's game, therefore, had shorter concession lines, and the newest addition ot the Stadium is a Jack in the Box outlet at the old Ruby's Diner location. The tacos and vanilla shake pass my high maintenance Californian dietary pickiness and are not marked up beyond belief like so many stadium food options. Not mentioned in this video is Missus Halofan's approval of the stadium veggie dogs.